C O R E   T R A N S F O R M A T I O N   C O U N S E L I N G
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Core Energetics Map


The Core Energetics’ theory of personality is that the Core, higher self or essence of the person is love. Christians believe that in their Core or essence, they are made in the image of God and God is Love. Other traditions also view the essential self as loving. Just think of the love, life and energy flowing from a new born baby.

Then sometime in the first seven years, trauma occurs.  It may be physical, emotional, psychological or sexual. For example, it could be physical or sexual abuse, growing up with an alcoholic or absent parent or suffering through war or a natural disaster. Whatever the trauma, it interrupts the flow of loving energy out into the world.

When the painful traumatic experiences happen, the child has one or more primitive negative reactions such as fear, anger, hate or jealousy.  These primitive negative reactions are an integral part of the personality; but children soon realize that they can’t go around showing that they are angry or fearful. Imagine an abused child showing anger at the abusive parent. So the child develops a mask to cope and survive.  Unconsciously, the child creates energy blocks to try to protect the integrity of the self and to block the pain.  The movement of energy from the Core or Higher Self into creative expression in the world becomes blocked. 

Coping styles and energetic blocks created in childhood from trauma and other adverse childhood experiences persist into adulthood. The Core Energetics process helps people go beneath their mask, release and transform their negative reactions, and feel and express their childhood pain so that they can live from the positive, loving energy of their Core or Higher Self.