C O R E   T R A N S F O R M A T I O N   C O U N S E L I N G
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Core Energetics

Core Energetics, which is central to my individual and group psychotherapy services, is a unique, spiritually integrated body-psychotherapy. Body-psychotherapy evolved as psychotherapists explored going beyond the mind or “talk therapy,” and integrated the body into the process with breathing, sound and movement. 

Core Energetics personality theory is unique even among body-psychotherapies in that it includes a spiritual as well as a mind and body perspective. The theory is that your Core or essence is love, that childhood trauma blocks and distorts that life energy, and that you can heal and transform the resulting negative energy and destructive life patterns back into the loving, creative energy of your Core self. Core Energetics offers powerful tools that help clients make profound shifts in a deeply integrated, holistic way.

Physical and energetic blocks created in childhood from trauma and other painful experiences persist into adulthood. These biological blocks may surface as depression, anxiety, anger or other challenging issues. Using Core Energetics, we can actually unblock the defenses and move the stuck energy to create healthy life flow. Furthermore, we can transform your negative or distorted thoughts and emotions back into the positive, loving energy of your Core or Higher Self. 
I firmly believe that personal healing and transformation include the body, mind, emotions, will and spirit. Integrating spirituality with body-psychotherapy, Core Energetics offers a holistic approach that empowers clients to heal and more fully achieve their potential to love and live more productive lives.