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Anger Management

Is your anger out of control? Does your anger negatively impact your life?  Problems with anger arise when you either stuff your anger or explode.  Uncontrolled anger can lead to damaged relationships, problems at work, illness, injury or even violence. Anger can keep you from being the loving or productive person you want to be. 

The RTA Program

Releasing and Transforming Anger (RTA) can help you learn healthy ways to manage your anger.  RTA goes beyond traditional anger management programs and incorporates both spirituality and body-centered psychotherapy.  

Prior participants rave about the RTA program:

"I loved the Releasing and Transforming Anger group and am sorry it is over. It was pivotal in helping me change for the better."
- JS, nurse

"I highly recommend the Releasing and Transforming Anger program. Before the program, I had no idea how deep the root of my anger was. I had to face the reality that my anger plays a part in my self-destructive actions. MY self-destructive behavior not only impacted my life and my health, but the lives and health of those that love me.  This program taught me physical and mental tools     that I admit took time to use them as second nature.  I'm glad this program gave me the groundwork for my transformation into a calmer, spiritual person."
-NM, Lawyer

"I am a male in my late 40's, married for 20 years with 3 children.I was going through a tough patch in my life, a life intermittently affected by my anger issues. I was very much aware that the irregular but out of the blue anger issues could be having a serious and detrimental effect on my wife and young family, not to   mention my own health. Having signed up for one of Kathy Scheg's Releasing and Transforming Anger groups, I was amazed and relieved to learn some of the tools and techniques that I couldemploy to handle stressful situations in a more appropriate manner.  I can safely say that Kathy was instrumental in working with me individually as well as in the group sessions to teach me the tools that would over time help me to more appropriately respond to everyday issues as well as the tougher situations that are all part of life. I am forever grateful for Kathy's counseling, professionalism, kindness and non-judgmental understanding of my situation."
-JH, IT professional

RTA is a 15-week group process that helps you:
  • Understand the anatomy of anger
  • Recognize individual anger triggers
  • Release self-angering thoughts
  • Transform angry energy
  • Identify the underlying pain or stress

The inclusion of the body and the person’s spirituality distinguishes RTA from other anger management programs. This holistic approach, combined with practical tools, offered in a supportive environment, helps you release and transform your anger.

Releasing and Transforming Anger (RTA) is offered in Fairfax, VA and Bethesda, MD.  To register, or for more information, please contact: 

Kathleen E. Scheg at 703-568-0525 or 301-681-3590