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Adults from ACOA/ACDF families

Do you struggle with:

  • low self-esteem
  • relationship difficulties
  • feelings of guilt, shame  or abandonment
  • fear of intimacy and trust
  • self-criticism
  • perfectionism
  • dysfunctional communication?

Adults who experience these issues often grew up in families affected by alcohol (ACOA), drugs or other dysfunctional family dynamics (ACDF). You may have experienced traumaabuse, or neglect. You may have had a family member with a serious mental or physical illness or you may have encountered death, divorce or separation during your childhood.  

You survived your childhood family dynamics but now struggle with living a happy, healthy, loving life as an adult. For over 25 years, the ACOA/ACDF program for adults with alcoholic or other painful childhood histories has empowered many people to heal and grow. It can help you too.

The ACOA/ACDF Program

ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLIC AND DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES (ACOA/ACDF) is a psycho-educational program for adults who grew up with alcoholic (ACOA) or other dysfunctional (ACDF) family dynamics. To help you understand your childhood family dynamics, how those patterns continue to influence you, and how you can heal and grow. . .  

You are invited to participate in a three-module ACOA/ACDF program:

Module I: Acquaints you with early survival patterns that may now interfere with your adult life (6 weeks)

Module 2: Focuses on your current relationships by studying the dynamics of enabling/detaching, co-dependency, and improving communication skills to facilitate more fulfilling relationships (6 weeks)

Module 3: Enhances your ability to improve relationships in the future through the concepts of triangling, distancing/pursuing and emptiness/closeness (6 weeks)

This life changing ACOA/ACDF program is offered in Fairfax, VA and Silver Spring, MD.  To register, or for more information, please contact: 

Kathleen E. Scheg at 703-568-0525 or 301-681-3590